Construction Projects Design

Geotechnical Surveys

Sample boreholes executions. Vertical-inclined boreholes even in areas of limited space or limited accessibility.
Execution of standard penetration tests (SPT) during borehole drilling.
Execution of water permeability tests (MAAGLEFRANC-LUGEON) during sampling drilling.
Excavation and evaluation of investigation pits. Execution of Dynamic (DPM) and Static (CPT) Penetrometer tests. These are suitable in cases of loose geological formations as well as complementary data to field tests. It is a highly reliable, economical low-cost solution with immediate results.
Installation and monitoring of Geomechanical monitoring instruments (piezometers – inclinometers – extensiometers – magnetic extensiometers – seismic instruments, etc.) in order to continuously monitor projects during the design or construction stage to identify failure risks and control structures.
Execution of Pull-Out tests to evaluate the behavior of solar panels foundation piles.
Quality Management ISO9001-2015 for all areas of activity.